Last February 2020, something came up into my life. Through God’s sign, browsing Netflix, a love to last series came up. If you know me, I’m not really a fan watching of series. For 3 consecutive days, I finished the whole 94 episodes that said series. After watching the last episode, I pray to God again. My prayer that night is not my usual way of praying. It is more deep and from my heart. I tell all my heartaches and questions to Him. Before my prayer ends, I will never forget that feeling that someone hugged me. I know it’s Him. Thank you, Lord.

The story of “A love to last” keeps on playing in my mind. A series that explains different meaning of Love. I will start it with the meaning of Love of Family. Mr. Anton Noble played by Mr. Ian Veneracion, is the president of a big company named Celba Philippines. He is full of passion when it comes to his work as an Engineer. He is the father of 3 children. Chloe as his eldest daughter, Lucas as his only son and Kitty as his little daughter. His ex wife is Grace played by Ms. Iza Calzado. Grace left her family for her own dream and for herself. But Mr. Anton Noble, raised his 3 children on his own. He became the parent for his children.

The Agoncillo Family is clan from Batangas City. Ms. Andrea Agoncillo played by Ms. Bea Alonzo, is the breadwinner for her family. She is an Events Organizer and the co-owner of Good Events Company. She is the kind of person that is optimistic in any aspects of life. Betrayal is one of her weakness because of her experience with her own father. Her mom, Nanay Baby, is one of her adviser when it comes in experiencing her love to someone else.

Mr. Anton Noble and Ms. Andrea Agoncillo, meet in an unexpected way. Mr. Anton will host a tech fair for Celba Philippines. His vision is to help our Filipino Engineers and their families in means of showing off their products and skills in making computer chips here in the Philippines and to know worldwide. That vision that leads an interest with Ms. Andrea to work and help Mr. Anton to purse and make it possible. They suddenly fall in love with each other. They had that connection that meets their heart into one.

In right time, they became husband and wife. They started to have struggle because of their situation especially Mr. Noble’s past. They taught in the series, that in LOVE we should see it in all aspects in life. That love will complete a broken family into the happy and complete one. Giving time to heal. Giving time to reflect with yourself. Give time to love again.

Loving is a repeating process. We always need to learn. Learn from the trials, learn from our past, learn from our experiences. A Love will heal anyones aches. Love will keep us alive! Love will last a lifetime.