Bea Alonzo with her I am Hope Organization gives food assistance to stranded UP College Students

Thinking of ways to provide support for our dear hospital frontliners fighting for the spread of the virus, I am Hope Organization started by giving assistance. The said organization is not limiting their efforts in sending help within our communities.

Credits from Instagram Ms. Rina Navarro, founder of I am Hope Organization

Under the helm of I am Hope founder, Ms. Rina Navarro with the help of her co-founder Ms. Bea Alonzo and the whole I am Hope Organization Volunteers and Team namely Mr Vhong Navarro, Ms. May Militante and Ms. Tricia Canilao, I am Hope Organization gave out a total of 500 pcs of food meals for the stranded students.

Credit to their instagram Account                         Ms. Bea Alonzo proudly to share the 100 packs of food that she prepare.
credit to their instagram account
Mr. Vhong Navarro and his wife, with his whole team who help him prepare 100 packs of food in their own kitchen
Ms Bea Alonzo prepares 100 packs in her own kitchen
Credit to their instagram account
Ms Bea Alonzo together with her whole Team who helped her prepare 100 packs of food
Credit to their instagram Account
Ms. Rina Navarro, Ms May Militante and I am Hope Volunteers prepares 300 packs of food in their Head Quarters

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”  – Mother Teresa

“Together, We Can!”. That is the I am Hope team’s mantra.