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Love Someone New – Over the Moon Movie Review and Learnings

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Upon scrolling my Netflix account, this movie “Over the Moon” suddenly appears on the home page. Yes! It was a Disney Movie but it catches my attention and watches it.

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It is a story of a little girl named “Fei Fei”, she has a mother that keeps on telling stories to her about the fairy behind Moon named Chang’e. She was loved by her parents wholeheartedly and they have a moon cake store as their family business. Her mother died and her mother gave her a bunny named Bungee.

Four years later, Fei Fei still believes about Chang’e. And she suddenly gets upset when she saw her Father falls for another woman, Ms. Zhong. She has a son named Chin.

As days pass by, Fei Fei’s goal is to reach the Moon and prove to her father that Chang’e is real and there is life on the moon. She pursues to make a rocket ship that can bring her to the moon. And it was a successful one to reach the Moon.

As she stays on the moon, she met Chang’e. Chang’e loses the love of her life too same as Fei Fei. Because of their own heartaches, they met and help with each other to move on and find something new for their lives. Fei Fei, finally realized and let go of her heartaches and love somethin’ new. She turned to love Ms.Zhong and Chin as part of her new family.


Lesson Learned:

The past is past and learns to let go of those old things and memories. They are just part of who you are right now. The process may not easy but if you process it lightly you will see the bright side of the dark side. We will just need to show it, feel it, and trust it. Some new things will be coming to you every day, every week, and every year. There’s life waiting for you. If you can let love through.

Learn to be light and follow the light! 🙂   

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