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Friday, January 28, 2022

Movie Review: Four Sisters Before the Wedding

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FOUR SISTERS BEFORE THE WEDDING is the prequel of FOUR SISTERS AND A WEDDING. In most movies, we used to wait for the sequel. Yes, you read it right.  It’s a prequel.

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The story focuses on how they overcome their family problem when they are still studying. At a younger age, the Salazar Sisters already taught how to be a responsible daughter to their parents. The love for their family emphasizes in this prequel. Even if their father confesses what he has done to their mother, he still became a good father to them.

A different definition of LOVE will be shown in this movie. Love for family, Love for yourself, Love for your siblings, Love for your parents, Love for your passion. Forgiveness also defined in this movie. Each of them at a younger age already knows what they want for their future. They have great parents. Salazar’s Siblings are well taught how to handle their own lives.

Four Sisters Before the Wedding is a must-watch movie, especially in this season. A perfect movie to reflect for. This movie made me realize that I still need to know myself more. To give love more and taught me how to forgive so I can give my pure love to everyone.

For only Php 150.00, you can watch this movie on KTX and IWANTV.

Congratulations Star Cinema for producing this wonderful movie of the year. The audience will definitely appreciate the true meaning of LIFE and LOVE.


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