Ms. Rina Navarro as Ms. Bea Alonzo’s Twin Sister by Heart

I am Hope Organization is founded by Ms. Rina Navarro and co-founded by Ms. Bea Alonzo. Before the pandemic crisis came, they have a project that to be launch last March 2020.

A photo posted on Instagram
I am Hope Organization Team

As stated with Ms. Bea Alonzo’s Instagram account after posting the tv patrol video of Jeepney drivers who are begging for money to be used for their everyday needs.

But that video clip was sent by her twin sister, Ms. Rina Navarro. Ms. Bea Alonzo suddenly realized and states that “Minsan kapag mabigat ang loob mo at pakiramdam mo, pinagsakluban ka ng mundo, may magpapaalala sayo na may pwede kang gawin para magbago”.

Photo from Ms. Bea Alonzo Instagram account.
Ms. Rina Navarro, a superwoman in yellow.

And that is all because of her twin sister. Ms. Rina Navarro is the one who went to Blumentritt, Manila right away and send their help to those jeepney drivers.

I salute her for doing that risky situation.

I admire their friendship. They have both a golden heart to help. Even though their plans suddenly change to be a charity organization. Still, they can manage their time to help and serve our front liners but now they are also helping communities. I am so proud of you Ms. Rina for also giving your time to those who are in need in Rizal.

You are a superwoman in yellow Ms. Rina! Thank you for everything!