Ms. Bea Alonzo shares her “New Normal” life realizations

It’s been almost 4 months since our country experienced quarantine in preventing the spread of the Corona Virus. Actress, endorser, and influencer, Ms. Bea Alonzo, is been so active since the beginning of the quarantine period through her I am Hope Organization.

As we ended in June 2020. Ms. Bea Alonzo, posted in her personal Instagram account, she shares her realization with the “new normal” season for her daily activities. Her image posted, shows that this quarantine season makes her realized a lot about her.

She reminds everyone that we should always start our daily routines and works with our Lord Jesus Christ. Be grateful for every blessing we received from Him. Ms. Bea Alonzo is a true influencer in all aspects of our society.  In every post she made in her Instagram account, her followers were inspired and motivated to do good like her.

Ms. Bea Alonzo is a woman full of love!